Alex Mitchell

GCVideo Firmware 3.1 Released

Ingo Korb, one of the developers behind the GCVideo project—the basis of virtually every available HDMI and/or component video output mod for the GameCube and Wii—released a new firmware revision last Saturday that implements a handful of helpful bug fixes. Especially important for those of you revisiting the GameCube’s excellent catalog of horror games this October, […]

Rany Battikh

Prism HD by Retro-Bit

Retro-bit have just announced their own GCVideo-based plug-and-play adapter for the Gamecube, named Prism HD: Just like most of the other current external GCVideo solutions out there, the Prism HD plugs right into the digital port of the DOL-001 Gamecube and outputs native 480p (and/or line doubles 240p and 480i) through a full sized HDMI […]


Insurrection Industries’ Carby back in black!

Insurrection Industries now has an updated version of their Carby GameCube HDMI adapter available for purchase!  This version has a slightly tweaked board design, ships with GCVideo firmware v2.4c and now comes in black.  It’s still the same price of $75, which includes a remote control, HDMI cable and free shipping to the US! In […]


Wii Dual (HDMI & RGB) Pre-Orders Open

Dan aka Citrus3000psi has once again opened pre-orders for Wii Dual kits.  These kits offer a true digital-to-digital, lag-free HDMI solution for your Original Wii.  These kits allow the highest quality video from a Wii that surpasses even the video output from a Wii U’s HDMI port!  Check out the full review video below and for more […]


Insurrection Industries Announces sub-$100 GameCube Component Cable

  Insurrection Industries has just teased a custom GameCube component video cable that utilizes their high-quality Digital Port connector.  As it’s based off the latest version of GCVideoLite, it’s assumed that the cables will perform identically to the official Nintendo GC component cables and connect the same as well:  Their cables get component video from […]


GCVideo v2.4b Firmware Updated to Address Chroma Bug

Unseen just published a firmware update for all GCVideo devices (analog, digital, dual, Wii, etc) that addresses a chroma bug: From what I gathered, the bug happens when GCVideo converts from the GC’s native signal format of YCbCr to RGB. Component video output was unaffected.  Extrems demonstrated this via screenshots on his page: Unfortunately, […]

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