Genesis 1 Stereo Audio Mod

Genesis 1 Stereo Audio Mod

This guide shows you how to add a stereo output jack to the back of your HDG, Model 1 Genesis (please see this page for more info on this version Genesis).  The model 1 Genesis already outputs stereo audio through it’s front headphone jack, but I’ve found that pulling the signal directly from the audio chip produces better results.  This guide describes an easy way to do that, as well as three different audio connector options, depending on your needs.

Tools needed:
– Soldering skills!
– Butt Connectors or jumper connectors
– Philips head screwdriver.
– Soldering gun & solder.
– Wire cutters
– Electrical tape
– Drill & Drill bits (if you mount jacks)

This guide shows a few different methods of mounting the audio jacks, but all start the same:

  1. First, take the Genesis apart and be careful not to damage the LED power light.  Personally, I prefer to cut the LED cable in the middle and add butt connectors or jumper connectors, but it’s up to you.  You can try to leave it connected, or try to remove the LED and then re-glue it afterwards.  Honestly though, there’s much less chance of damage if you just cut the wire and add some cheap connectors (these pictures show butt connectors):
  2. Take the Genesis motherboard out and locate this chip.  If the chip isn’t there, you have a rare version of the model 1 Genesis that has a different motherboard revision and you won’t be able to do this mod.  I suggest checking out this page to find a different way to improve the sound of your Genesis.  If the Sony chip is there, you can proceed:
  3. Flip the genesis motherboard over and find the bottom part of that chip.  Notice the location of the “473” and make sure yours lines up the same way (the actual number 473 may be upside down on your Genesis…I mean it’s physical location on the board).
  4. Put some non-conductive tape on the area above the chip, exactly as shown here.  This is to make sure the wires you’re about to solder won’t interfere with any exposed pins:
  5. Strip your wire (or the headphone extension cable) and make sure you leave it long enough so there’s plenty of room to run the cable out the back of the Genesis.  Then solder the wires exact as you see here:
  6. Cover the soldered area with a piece of tape and run the cable along the side of the board:
  7. Make sure the cable is wrapped around the side exactly as arrow 1 demonstrates below.  If you don’t plan on mounting jacks, you can use a headphone extension cable and run the jack-end of the cable through the “EXT” port first (arrow 2).  Otherwise route it to the same area, but not through the hole:
  8. Replace the metal cover and make sure the cable is run through as shown here (obviously only route it through the “ext” port if you’re using that method): If you used the headphone extension cable method, skip to step #11
    PLEASE NOTE!!!:  My views on this mod have changed since I wrote it.  I strongly recommend that you do not cut any plastic on your consoles.  If you have the right tools, removing the RF adapter and utilizing the factory holes are the best method.  If not, using the “extension cable” method would be an overall better choice.
    My opinion aside, it’s your console and you can do as you wish.  If you insist on cutting plastic, please note my original method below and place the audio jacks where they won’t interfere with adapters:


  9. If you chose the RCA audio or heaphone jack method, you must now drill holes in the back of the top cover.  Make sure to mount them in the same place I did, as close to the edge of the top cover as possible, otherwise you won’t be able to use the power base converter!  Mine are off-centered (cause I’m not a very good craftsman), but you’ll want to mount yours as low as you can, to make sure it clears the Power Base Converter!
  10. After they’re mounted, simply run the wires and solder them in.  You can combine the ground wires if you need to.
  11. Finish re-assembling the Genesis.  If you used my butt-connector trick, make sure to reattach the cables and also make sure to tuck the butt connectors towards the front of the Genesis, not squish them between the metal and plastic covers!:
  12. That’s it!  Now you can enjoy stereo audio-out from your Genesis!

Once again, here’s an audio comparison of the “good vs. bad” Genesis systems for you to hear for yourselves.  Please make sure to wear good headphones when listening, so you can get the full effect of the differences: