Analogue NT Mini

Analogue NT Mini

This is a review of the Analogue NT Mini – A lag-free, FPGA-based NES/Famicom clone console that outputs both in original 240p RGB and up to 5x 1080p HDMI!

Newest Firmware (linked in first post):


Current Supported Cores:

NES / Famicom Sega Master System / SG1000 Colecovision Atari 2600 Game Gear
Game Boy Game Boy Color NSF Sound Player Gamate Supervision
Game King Atari 7800 Arcadia 2001 Channel F Creativision
Odyssey^2 Adventure Vision RCA Studio 2 Videobrain  

Coming Soon:

Intellivision More???      


Intro / Basic Features:

The Analogue NT Mini is an FPGA-based hardware console that was built from scratch by the same developer as the Hi-Def NES Kit, Kevin Horton (aka Kevtris). It is absolutely jam-packed with features and can play games from multiple consoles!

– Price:  Just under $500 including shipping.
– Video output:  Digital HDMI from 480p to 1080p 5x, plus 240p analog (RGB, component, composite, S-Video)
– Lag free
– Analog output is 100% compatible with all original acessories, including light guns
– Built-in ROM cart
– Can play NES & Famicom carts (as well as FDS)
– 4 controller inputs
– Famicom expansion port in the back
– The ability to run multiple FPGA cores from different consoles (holy shit!!!!), including NES, SMS, Game Gear, Colecovision…and more to come!  All games playable from the SD card (no romcart required).



More info / Purchase information:
Forum topic:
RGB SCART cable: Click here
More analog output options*:
*A note:  If you’re using BNC cables, you must use 5BNC cables, not 4BNC.  Just leave the 2nd sync wire disconnected.
Kevtris’ Blog:


Video Reviews:


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