GCVideo v2.4b Firmware Updated to Address Chroma Bug

Unseen just published a firmware update for all GCVideo devices (analog, digital, dual, Wii, etc) that addresses a chroma bug:

From what I gathered, the bug happens when GCVideo converts from the GC’s native signal format of YCbCr to RGB. Component video output was unaffected.  Extrems demonstrated this via screenshots on his page:

Unfortunately, not all GCVideo solutions are easily upgradable;  Some of the plug-and-play versions would first require cutting open, then adding a connector for a firmware programmer.  If you have an upgradable board and a programmer, it seems like an easy an essential fix and Dan will be making a how to update guide for current GCDual users.

Here’s a diagram created by Chriz2600 that’s a clear visualization of the issue (click for full-sized):

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