Bluetooth Controllers

Bluetooth Controllers

More bluetooth-compatible devices are gaining the ability to play classic games through both official apps and emulators.  I thought I’d create a page to showcase the controllers I’ve tested and compare them to each other.  Click on each for a mini-review and a description of why each are good (or bad) choices:  


The NES30 controller feels very similar to the original NES controller and is compatible with many systems.


The SNES30 is just as good as the NES30, but with the look and feel of an original Super Nintendo controller.

NES30 Pro

The NES30 Pro ads more buttons and two analog sticks to the existing functionality of the NES & SNES 30 controllers, but feels a bit small.


Transform your smartphone into a true mobile gaming machine, like a Game Boy or PSP

ipega PG-9017

This is a Gametel clone that isn’t very good.  Maybe someday they’ll fix it with a firmware update?


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