Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy

This page showcases the different model Game Boy systems.  It also lists mods available for each and ways to display the games on a TV or monitor.  For more specific info on the Game Boy Advance, please see the GBA section.  Please read on for more information.

Game Boy Versions & Light Mods

This page shows each Game Boy version and explains their compatibilities, as well as light mods available for each one.

Super Game Boy

You can play Game Boy games on a TV via a few different methods.  This page shows some of the best ways to do that.

Nintendo DS & 3DS

The Nintendo DS can play GBA cartridges, but not GB/GBC.  This page has basic information on those system.

Game Boy DMG Backlight Guide

The original Game Boy DMG can have both a backlight and bi-verted mod done to it, for an excellent look.

To summarize, it’s my opinion that the best way to play GB and GBC games on a handheld system is via the GBA SP AGS-101, or one of the original systems with a light mod.

For now, the best way to play GB games on a TV is the Super Game Boy 2 and the best way to play GBC/GBA games is via the Game Boy Player running in 240p.

If you’d like info on mods for other systems, head to the Getting RGB From Each System page or check out the main page for more retro-awesomeness.