Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Stock Update for Insurrection Industries Carby Component Cables

Insurrection Industries issued a statement via Twitter, about their status and stock levels for several items they carry.  These include the Carby Component and various RGB Cables.  However it is important to note going forward that Carby Component Cables will no longer be produced and carried.  Insurrection has indicated that the cost to produce these […]

Rany Battikh

Carby Component by Insurrection Industries pre-order update

Insurrection Industries just revealed a few more details about their highly anticipated Carby Component GameCube cable on their Twitter account. First, every ordered cable will include 3 x 75 Ohm BNC to RCA adapters; those are custom made specifically for the Carby Component, lowering any chance of noise or interference and insuring the best performance […]


“2DVI” Status Updates; Mailing List

I wanted to post a quick update on the SCART2DVI, Comp2DVI and VGA2DVI Datapath Vision passthrough boards from the video capture section: SCART2DVI:  Insurrection Industries will soon do a small run of SCART2DVIv1.1 boards, making just enough to cover all the requests in the comments.  These boards have been working excellently for 240p as-is and while […]


Insurrection Industries’ Carby back in black!

Insurrection Industries now has an updated version of their Carby GameCube HDMI adapter available for purchase!  This version has a slightly tweaked board design, ships with GCVideo firmware v2.4c and now comes in black.  It’s still the same price of $75, which includes a remote control, HDMI cable and free shipping to the US! In […]


HDMyCube Open-Source GCVideo Board

HDMyCube has just announced their version of Dan’s open source GCPlug, with a PCB designed around Insurrection Industries’ high-quality GC Digital Port Connector.  Greg Collins will apparently be donating a 3D Printed design for it as well, making it the perfect DIY GCVideo solution!: While GCVideo solutions are now easier than ever to create, I suggest […]


Sega Triple Bypass for sale at Insurrection Industries

It looks like Insurrection Industries is the first online store to begin selling the Sega Triple Bypass board (3BP)!  Currently, the ASIC and YM2612 versions are available: For more information on the 3BP, as well as the newly re-interest of the Genesis 3 can be found here: UPDATE:  If you lift […]


Insurrection Industries Announces sub-$100 GameCube Component Cable

  Insurrection Industries has just teased a custom GameCube component video cable that utilizes their high-quality Digital Port connector.  As it’s based off the latest version of GCVideoLite, it’s assumed that the cables will perform identically to the official Nintendo GC component cables and connect the same as well:  Their cables get component video from […]