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Original Xbox Bluetooth Adapter

Darthcloud, creator of the Blueretro project, has just opened pre-orders on his first official product:  A Bluetooth adapter for the original Xbox called “BRX”.  This will use his tried and tested software to interface controllers at a very low latency (see below) to the original Xbox.  The price is about $50 and they’re due to […]


HAS v5.0 Back In Stock

The latest version of the Home Arcade System (HAS) supergun is now back in stock.  The price is $145 plus shipping and it includes the supergun, plexi case and power supply cable.  Kick harnesses and extra accessories can be purchased separately in the store;  You’ll have to supply your own RGB SCART cable and PSU […]

SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

Hacking & Reverse Engineering Sega Saturn Games

On the latest episode of SHIRO! Editor’s Corner, we’re joined by a round table of Saturn Community Game Hackers, including TrekkiesUnite118, Derek Pascarella (ATEAM), Malenko & Bo Bayles! In this episode, we dive into the topic of hacking, patching and even reverse engineering Sega Saturn games. YouTube: PodBean Audio: https://segasaturnshiro.podbean.com/e/ec_ep26/


Unreleased Genesis Game

Hidden Palace has just posted a prototype of a previously unreleased Sega Genesis / Mega Drive beat-em-up game, based on the 1993 comic series Out Of The Vortex.  While the game is glitchy, it’s still very playable.  Gameplay footage can be found in the video above and you can try it yourself via the link […]

Danthrax (Sega Saturn SHIRO!)

Hidden Palace Releases Prototypes of Unreleased Saturn Port of Hard Boiled

Another unreleased Saturn game made its way into the public’s hands when Hidden Palace released three prototypes of Hard Boiled on its website Saturday. The prototypes are from June, July and August 1997 and were provided to Hidden Palace by the game’s programmer, David “Pipozor” Saulnier. Hard Boiled is a futuristic rail shooter somewhat in […]


Weekly Roundup #417

The Roundup is available as a video and on all audio-only podcast services, such as iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and direct-download:  https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/retrorgb If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly support services, tips, or even just by using our affiliate links to purchase things you were already going to buy […]


Neo Geo Architecture Analysis

Rodrigo Copetti recently published his latest full console analysis, this time for the Neo Geo.  As with his previous work,  Rodrigo goes into a deep-dive of the hardware and how the console can generate its signals.  That’s a really unfair oversimplification of what Rodrigo’s work is about – If you haven’t read his stuff before, […]


MemCard Pro2 Limited Edition Colors

The awesome MemCard Pro2 is back, with some limited edition colors!  The original Charcoal and Smoke Black versions are still available, however there’s also Aqua, Silver and Ceramic White.  All colors are still around $50 and if you’re someone who carries theirs around, you might want to consider a hardshell case for it as well.  […]