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PlayStation 1 MiSTer Core Update

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by @retrorgb Developer Robert Peip has just released a beta core to his Patreon followers that boots PlayStation game backups on MiSTer.  There’s no support for audio in this build, but it boots a retail game dump for the first time;  I demo this in […]


The Making Of Perfect Dark

Yahel from Wrestling With Gaming has just released another excellent documentary, this time focusing on the game Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64.  Pretty much everything you’d need to know about the history of the game is covered, from the origin of the name, the inspiration for the storyline and long journey the team went […]


Weekly Roundup #280

Here’s this week’s roundup, available as a video and on audio-only podcast servcies, such as iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly support services, tips, or even just by using our affiliate links to purchase things you were already going to buy anyway, at […]


Zelda Game & Watch 3D Printed Case

John from Space Pirate Prints has just released a 3D printed case for the latest Nintendo Game & Watch:  The full-color edition featuring Zelda 1, 2 and Link’s Awakening.  John also made the files available for people who want to print their own: Purchase the case here:  https://www.spacepirateprints.com/shop 3D Printed Files:  https://www.spacepirateprints.com/downloads Magnet for case:  https://amzn.to/3kJaCDJ Zelda Game […]