Danthrax (Sega Saturn SHIRO!)

Hidden Palace Releases Prototypes of Unreleased Saturn Port of Hard Boiled

Another unreleased Saturn game made its way into the public’s hands when Hidden Palace released three prototypes of Hard Boiled on its website Saturday. The prototypes are from June, July and August 1997 and were provided to Hidden Palace by the game’s programmer, David “Pipozor” Saulnier. Hard Boiled is a futuristic rail shooter somewhat in […]

Rany Battikh

Dreamcast port of Heroes of Might and Magic III released

A few weeks ago, Dreamcast aficionados FatalistDC and Jan Baumgartner started a small-scale fundraiser aiming at dumping and immediately releasing the disc image of the unreleased Dreamcast port Heroes of Might and Magic III – The Restoration of Erathia. The turned based strategy cult classic game at hand saw release on Windows, Macintosh and Linux […]


N64 Viewpoint 2064 Prototype Released – Sequel to Neo Geo Viewpoint

GamingAlexandria published an interesting article chronicling the story behind the unreleased Nintendo 64 game, Viewpoint 2064, complemented by an excellent video by Hard4Games. Viewpoint 2064 was completed and scheduled for a Nov 2000 release, but was ultimately cancelled. A fully-working ROM dump of the prototype was posted to The Internet Archive. The cart’s dumping and […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Unreleased XBOX Game by MVG

Modern Vintage Gamer just released a video showcasing his work on finishing an unreleased game for the original XBOX called FreeFall 3050AD.  This game was originally made for the Nuon DVD/Game console however the OG XBOX version was never finished.  MVG contacted the old head of Total Arkade Software, Tony Takoushi and asked if he […]


Kirby’s Dream Course SNES Prototype Found

A prototype of the Super Nintendo game Kirby’s Dream Course was found in its original form – A game called Special Tee Shot.  The game was shelved before it’s release and was eventually remade into Kirby’s Dream Course, with the original making an appearance on the Satellaview. The full story and ROM prototype can be found on SNES […]


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Beta 4 Found

A new glimpse into Sega’s development history has been found:  A previously unreleased prototype of Sonic The Hedgehog 2:  http://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_2_(CENSOR_prototype) There aren’t any drastic changes from the final release and most were small things like adding a signpost for a “save” area: Some mistakes were found that made certain levels unbeatable, such as this platform which […]


Superman 64 PS1 Prototype Found

A PlayStation prototype of the game ‘The New Adventures Of Superman’ (commonly know as Superman 64) was just found:  http://game-rave.com/?p=3123 Game-rave has a few playthrough videos on their channel, as well as a “review” video.  Is it possible that the game is even worse than the N64 version? UPDATE:  Game-rave has just confirmed that the person who […]