“2DVI” Status Updates; Mailing List

I wanted to post a quick update on the SCART2DVI, Comp2DVI and VGA2DVI Datapath Vision passthrough boards from the video capture section:

Insurrection Industries will soon do a small run of SCART2DVIv1.1 boards, making just enough to cover all the requests in the comments.  These boards have been working excellently for 240p as-is and while there will be a small update (v1.2?) that will make DIY assembly easier, the functionality will be identical to v1.1.  Anyone interested can put their name on the mail list and pre-orders will open soon.  Estimated delivery is 5-6 weeks from today, so this won’t be a long wait:

Research is continuing on the Comp2DVI, but there won’t be a run of production yet, as we found a small mistake: Pb and Pr are being sent through without bias, which might affect the colors.  Also, I really think this device needs a low-pass filter that can also handle 480p properly.  Many people have sent in suggestions and I think I’ve narrowed down one potential solution.  We’ll make a prototype of that and if it performs well, we’ll do a production run of that revision.
If anyone needs one of these now for testing, please contact me directly, as I have a handful of prototypes left.

Once the LPF solution is tested in the Comp2DVI, we’ll implement it in a VGA2DVI that will also have an updated sync stripper for RGBs signals.  This should work with all RGBHV and RGBs signals, ranging from 240p to at least 480p, but potentially higher.

Once the Comp and VGA solutions are tested, we’ll circle back and update the SCART2DVI.  In it’s current state, it seems great for 240p, which will be the majority of its use.  A major revision update will include a low-pass filter that covers a wider range of signals, as well as the updated EL sync stripper.  Expected by the end of the year.

Keep in mind that this project is open source and you’re welcome to use the design files anyway you’d like.  I just hope people continue to contribute to the project, as the more people we have focusing on this, the better it will be!

Detailed info on how these devices can be used is found in the video below:

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