Project Peacock 2.0: Every Shoot ’em Up for the PC Engine Platform (CD, PCE/TG16, SGX)

I spent several weeks completely rebuilding Project Peacock from scratch, and it’s finally ready. PP is a list of every shoot ’em up, or shooter-element game for the PC Engine platform (minus active indie): PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16, SuperGrafx, PC Engine CD (all variants), and Turbo Duo. Actively sold indie games are purposefully kept off the […]


PCE / TG16 2019 Hardware Addons

Here’s a in-depth look at all the devices currently available for the PC Engine and Turbo Grafx16 consoles!  I cover both internal and external options, as well as some new devices.  Links to eerything discussed are below! RetroRGB t-shirts: Smokemonster t-shirts: Links to everything discussed: PC Henshin (google for sellers): List of CD / […]


Super SD System 3 FU-RGB Board Now Available

Mobius Strip Tech has just made the video repair board for the SSDS3 unit available to purchase: You can purchase just the board, the board + installation and even the installation of the FBX audio fix as well, however you must supply the audio board directly (Mobius doesn’t sell those). It's Monday. Sales are live. […]


FirebrandX’s SSDS3 Audio Bypass Board Pre-Order

  UPDATE:  Sold out, but back in stock soon! FirebrandX has just posted a pre-order page for his SSDS3 audio bypass.  This board is a relatively easy installation and removes all of the audio noise that’s a result of the SSDS3’s design flaws.  Pre-order information as well as installation instructions can be found on FBX’s website: […]