PCE / TG16 2019 Hardware Addons

Here’s a in-depth look at all the devices currently available for the PC Engine and Turbo Grafx16 consoles!  I cover both internal and external options, as well as some new devices.  Links to eerything discussed are below!

RetroRGB t-shirts:
Smokemonster t-shirts:

Links to everything discussed:

PC Henshin (google for sellers):

List of CD / Super / Arcade CD Games:

Region-free kits:

Convert Multi Tap Region:

Turbo Everdrive:
Use TED as SuperSystemCard (DropBox links):

Engine Block / Grafx Booster:

Genesis 2 RGB Cable (UK Seller):
Genesis 2 RGB Cable (US Seller):



SSDS3 Bypasses:

Cable with RGB Amp Built In:

UperGrafx 720p:

CD Conversion Trick:

  1. open .ccd file with a text editor.
  2. Replace [CloneCD] to [CDManipulator] in line #1.
  3. Replace Version=3 to Version=2 in line #2.
  4. save a .cdm file.

Duo RGB Board:

Voultar’s Install Video:

New Connector for PCE RGB Mod:

Cable for above connector:

MiniDIN8 Cable & Connector (for RF replacement mods):

Taiyo Yuden CDr:


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