MiSTerFPGA News – Out Run Racing Wheel Support, Nemesis and More

Gaia Crusaders Out of Beta Gaia Crusaders, a beat em up arcade game that ran on the Cave 68K hardware, is now out of beta and it can now be played the next time you update your MiSTer. This game was brought to MiSTer thanks to help from atrac17. Announcement: https://twitter.com/nullobject/status/1548828511854817280 atrac17 help: https://twitter.com/nullobject/status/1548830301144891393 Developer Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nullobject atrac17 […]

MiSTerFPGA News – OutRun, TMNT, Super Game Boy, GUN4IR and more

OutRun Core Jotego has announced that he is working on Sega’s OutRun, an awesome retro racing game that still holds up today. On twitter he teases us that’s it coming real soon and also shows a screenshot of some of the source code files. OutRun track editor : https://twitter.com/topapate/status/1546024295645827072 User response to core: https://twitter.com/craigc321/status/1546053511737217024 Source files screenshot: https://twitter.com/topapate/status/1546212013776535552 […]

MiSTer FPGA News – Vigilante Public, Enhanced Commodore 128, Ikari Warriors & more

WWF Super Stars Core Get ready for some WWF wrestling because Atrac17 has announced that Technos WWF Super Stars is coming to MiSTer. This is a wrestling game that featured a roster of wrestlers from the 80’s along with their signature moves. Thanks to grego2d, djhardrich and Atrac17 for helping making this possible. Announcement: https://twitter.com/_atrac17/status/1544012561326264328 […]

MiSTer 240p 120Hz on a VGA CRT Monitor

Many people in the retro gaming scene are interested in having a “professional monitor” experience, but don’t have the budget for a PVM or BVM.  One alternative to this, is using pretty much any good condition VGA monitor, doubling 240p to 480p (since CRT VGA monitors aren’t compatible with 240p), then adding artificial scanlines.  This results […]