Laserdisc “LD-Decode” Raw Image Decoder

I’ve recently had some rekindled interest in laserdisc players, as (in my opinion) watching analog videos sources like LD and VHS are best on RGB monitors.  One question I’ve always wondered about both formats is why hasn’t anyone released a direct-capture method?  Some way to bypass the analog outputs and just get the raw, direct signal.

Apparently, someone has been working on it!  Forum user “happycube” has been working on this project for some time and has recently made great progress.  I’d love to see projects like this become more popular, as I feel preservation of these original formats is very important.  Sure, newer 4K masters of Hollywood movies are better, but what about all the content that was never released outside of a 4:3, 480i format?

Thanks to Artemio for the head’s up!

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