Game Boy Interface Software Updates

Extrems has posted a few updates to the Game Boy Interface software in the past few months.  Some of the more notable changes are the updated video modes and color matrices by Pokefan531.  As always, the latest version of the software can be found here:

Full list of changes:

  • Fixed a power issue.
  • Enabled USB Gecko standard output.
  • Added Custom non-progressive video modes.
  • Updated color matrices by Pokefan531.
  • Updated 3D LUTs by Pokefan531.
  • Fixed NTSC 50 composite video.
  • Replaced 720p with 540p.
  • Fixed 960i and 1152i (compatible with GCVideo-DVI)
  • Fixed Super Game Boy password order.

For standard edition:

  • Unified screen space for HD video modes.
  • Fixed some video rendering bugs.

For speedrunning edition:

  • Fixed fade with background color set.

If you had issues with GBA cartridges, these updates might have fixed it.  More information on each update can be found here:

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