Rany Battikh

My Life in Gaming’s The best way to play Phantasy Star – The Original Series

My Life in Gaming recently posted a video, listing in it the best possible ways to play the original Phantasy Star quadrilogy.

They first offered a detailed overview of each game covering story elements, gameplay mechanics, graphics and sound, spanning from Phantasy Star on the Master System to the main series final title “The end of the Millenium” on the Genesis/Mega Drive.

And in a typical Mlig fashion, they went on to demonstrate the games running on optimized original hardware highlighting community-based products like Ace’s Mega Amp and db electronicsPower Base Mini.

The rest of the video focuses on ports (and official emulation) of the four classic Phantasy Star games on systems like the Saturn, Dreamcast, GBA, Wii, PS2 and Switch and how to tweak different settings, when applicable, for a as-close-close-as-possible authentic experience.

Coury and Try tackled so many aspects of playing a classic RPG on 30 years-plus worth of gaming hardware, and what an outstanding job they did.

Check out the video below: