Darksoft CPS-1 Multi In Stock

Multiple stores now have Darksoft’s CPS-1 multi kit back in stock and ready to ship.  These kits allow people to modify original Capcom Play System-1 arcade boards, to play all of the CPS1 and CPS1.5 games using real hardware;  Games are selected via an LCD screen and all operate like the originals.  Also, QSound CPS1.5 games are emulated via an FPGA programmed with Jotego’s DSP16 code, resulting in an $800 kit that can play games that generally sell for far more.  More info and a demo video can be found below the links:

North American Store:
Europe Sales:

As always with original arcade hardware, price needs to be discussed.  Respectfully, if you’re someone who primarily plays arcade games via emulation, your eyes might roll back into your head when you see the price – Just the multi kit is more expensive than a complete MiSTer JAMMA package.  On the flip side, if you have a collection of original CPS arcade games and are only missing one or two from the set, this multi-kit is probably cheaper than just one of your missing games.  Buying this could “complete the set”, while also allowing you to safely leave the others on your shelf; Arcade boards aren’t holding up as well as consoles and it’s nice to be able to preserve them a bit better.

So look, maybe you’re a fan of original arcade hardware and will be grabbing one of these.  Or maybe you’ll stick with emulation.  Either are perfectly good solutions, but let’s just be respectful of each other’s choices, okay?:  No talking down to people who emulate, just to make you feel better for spending a fortune on your original hardware…and no shit-talking people who don’t mind spending what’s needed to have an original, authentic arcade setup.

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