HD15-2-SCART – Europe Seller

Consoles4U have just become the first European distributor of the HD-15-2SCART adapter.  This adapter is great for anyone who needs to adapt a dsub / VGA-style connector to a SCART interface.  As a note, this is NOT a “VGA to SCART” / 31KHz to 15Khz signal converter, it’s only meant to combine sync or lower sync voltage.  Tons more details below the links:

European Seller:
US Seller:

Think of the HD15-2-SCART as both a sync combiner and connector adapter:  It routes the RGB signal from an HD-15 (VGA-style) connector and a 3.5mm audio jack to a SCART head, with a choice of sync passthrough or combining.  The RGB signals are completely untouched, therefore no lag could possibly be added. 

Also, this device has two modes:  The RGBs mode is designed to prevent higher voltage sync from dsub connectors passing through to SCART devices.  This mode is perfect for things like MiSTer I/O and Direct Video, or Analogue DAC to SCART.  The second mode uses an XNOR passive sync combiner to convert RGBHV signals to RGBs – Perfect for feeding a “VGA” signal like the Dreamcast’s into something like a RetroTINK 5x.

Check the video below for more explanation and use cases.  Also, here’s some more relevant links you might be interested in:

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