DuckTales MSU-1 NES to SNES Conversion

Developer Infidelity recently released the MSU-1 audio (CD quality soundtrack) version of his NES to SNES conversion for the game DuckTales.  As with his previous Zelda, Mega Man II and Mega Man IV releases, these conversions eliminate slowdown, reduce sprite flicker, as well as allow for SNES-only additions like MSU-1 audio.  This version also includes the extras added in the non-MSU version – More details below the links:

Support Here:

Infidelity added a pretty cool feature to this conversion:  Holding the A button performs Scrooge’s pogo jump!  While holding Down + Attack still does the move as normal, I’ve always had issues (on the original NES version!) where the pogo would just stop…and usually at the most in-opportune times.  Now you have a choice of using the button, or original combo!  There’s also color palette options, by hitting select and cycling through the palettes via the left and right arrows on the dpad!  I did a livestream playthrough of the non-MSU-1 version, below if you’d like to see it in action:

If you’d like more details as to why these NES -> SNES ports are such a big deal, I already covered this in a previous post and discussed it during Weekly Roundup #361 at the 12min mark: One other thing to note, is there’s no color palette selection in this conversion, however it looks excellent as-is to me!  Give it a try yourself and see! – It should work on original hardware via ROM Carts, MiSTer and software emulation.

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