XLink Kai v7.4.45

The team behind XLink Kai has just released a new update that allows tethering via cellphones for internet access.  This is handy for people using handheld consoles on the go, who want to game with friends.  For anyone not familiar, XLink Kai is software you run on your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC that can link two computers remotely, so they’ll think they’re on the same network; Essentially a VPN that’s designed specifically for LAN-like play over the internet.  It’s completely free to use and only requires signing up.  This is a great alternative to many paid online services and is definitely worth checking out:

Main Site:

I remember XLink this back when the original Xbox was still a mainstream console!  I loved the ability to share a “LAN” over the internet…especially for free and without the constraints of Microsoft’s servers.  The software has since grown to support all the way up to modern consoles, and I’d like to see if I can get it working with the BigPEmu emulator’s netplay as well!  If it works, I’ll definitively do a livestream showing it off…

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