Virtual Ribbon Replacement Kit

Stone Age Gamer is now selling the latest version of Sega Sonic Fan’s Virtual Boy ribbon replacement kit.  DIYers can get the kit for $45, however SAG is also offering installation services for $125, which includes the kit as well (but not shipping…obviously).  Repairing the VB ribbon cable is something every VB owner goes through and is a massive pain.  Kits like this take some of the pressure off and are fairly priced, so it’s worth taking a look at:

Purchase the kit:
Kit plus installation service:
More great VB accessories:

If you’d like more info on a ton of awesome mods, homebrew hardware and accessories for the Virtual Boy, please check out the first 15 minutes of a livestream I did showcasing these.  The rest of the stream shows off some of the awesome homebrew games people have recently been creating as well!

Also, below that, I embedded a video from Borderline OCD, that shows the installation of the new ribbon replacement kit.

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