Intellivision II Arcade Stick Project

RetroGameBoyz have just opened an interest check list, on a new control stick for Intellivision consoles called the Intelli-stick.  The proposed price would be around $125 for the base model, should enough people sign up and get the project started.  To be clear:  This is just an interest check and not a pre-order, so if you’re on the fence, simply check out the product page below and either click on the hovering Interest Check icon, or just wait for it to pop up:

Project Page:

As a note, RetroGameBoyz has a history of producing unique and quality custom sticks for classic consoles, with the most notable being the (currently sold out) Vectrex controller.  I highly recommend checking out their store and seeing if anything else there might be of interest to you.

Here’s the proposed features of the Intelli-Stick:

  • 8 way microswitch arcade stick (high quality JLF (Sanwa copy / clone)
  • 3 independent microswitch click buttons (high quality JLF (Sanwa copy / clone)
  • Custom designed control board powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Custom designed wire harnesses
  • Custom design keypad to work with the Intellivision
  • Switched AAA Battery pack and LED power indicator
  • 3 x AAA batteries included
  • Support for most Intellivision games (see lists below)
  • Intellivision styling (can be customized if desired – extra fee)

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