Twin Famicom FDSKey Kit

Will’s Console Mods is now selling a no-solder, #nocutmod that allows you to install an FDSKey directly into your Twin Famicom; You simply remove the disc drive and connect this in it’s place.  That will allow you to launch any Famicom Disk System games as if you were inserting the original, but with much faster loading times and having “ROM Cart functionality” for them.  The price is about $45 and they’re ready to ship:

Purchase Here:

I’m thrilled there’s now a bunch of choices on how to use this awesome open source project from ClusterM!  This is obviously the perfect solution for people with dead drives and I’d even think it’s a good idea for people who’s drive works, but they want to use it as little as possible to preserve the functionality.  If that’s the case, you may want a different version that allows for an external connection.

Will’s also providing the STL file if you’d like to print your own shell.  I’d love to see one of these sanded and painted to be a perfect color match to the original console.  I’d also like to see how one of these looks when using a service like PCBWay to have a super-high-quality print made.  It would be really expensive, but a fun experiment.  If you do either, post on social media and tag us – We’d love to see it!

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