3DO RGB Kits Back In Stock

Retro Gamer Stuff just listed another batch of the “3DO RGB” – A kit for almost all 3DO models that adds a high quality RGB output, while retaining the original composite and S-Video outputs.  It also includes a switch that allows you to toggle between 240p and 480i output, which will work for all outputs as well.  If you install this in place of the RF jack, it can even be a #nocutmod, with a MiniDIN sitting where the RF connector was and the 240p switch in place of the channel switch;  You can even get a high quality plate to mark the new output from the same store!  More info below the links:

FZ1 Mounting Plate
FZ10 Mounting Plate

This is the same high quality kit that Dan (Citrus3000psi) had created and open sourced, that I did a launch video about a few years ago (below).  I’m a huge fan of this kit and think the combination of RGB and a 240p switch make it a game-changer for 3DO enthusiasts!

…and speaking of the 240p switch, while the 3DO outputs high quality S-Video natively, the signal is locked to 480i on all but one Japanese model.  While that’s okay for some FMV-based games, many titles really benefit from a progressive scan, 240p output.  Depending on the games you play, the 240p switch might make more of an impact over the RGB upgrade…and both combined are sure to impress!  For more info, please check out the detailed review below:

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