Turbo Duo / PCE Duo Triad Power Supplies Now Available

Castlemania Games is now selling a Triad power supply kit that will work with both the PC Engine Duo and Turbo Duo consoles.  This one PSU will safely work with either consoles and is available in both North American and Worldwide versions.  To be clear, both PSU’s will work with both Duo consoles – Just choose the one based on what region you’ll be using it in, right from the drop-down menu:

Duo PSU:
All Triad PSU’s For Consoles:

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the Triad-branded PSU’s, at the moment, they’ve been identified as the best PSU’s for any classic game console with an external brick.  The consistency of quality and the number of experts who’ve painstakingly tested them have proved they’re the best replacement PSU ever tested…and in some cases, better than the originals.  Please check out the main Triad page for more info!

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