Top-Loading CDi RGB Boards Available

Mobius Strip Tech has just released a custom RGB board for the top-loading CDi 400 & 500 models.  The price is $30 plus shipping and they’re available right now:

The board features a really unique design that pulls H&V sync directly from the main video chip, to create csync.  The previous methods of getting csync usually involved just using composite video and in many cases a sync stripper was required to remove jailbars often found with composite video.  This board completely solves that and leaves composite video untouched, allowing for safe dual output.

Another great factor of the board, is Mobius was able to calculate much more accurate values for the RGB circuit then were previously used.  This both allows a safer output, as well as more accurate colors:

Unfortunately, the top-loading CDi’s will most likely require cutting for the mod to be installed.  They’ll also probably require a timekeeper fix, and possibly even a new laser, so maybe consider doing a full overhaul on your CDi while you already have it open.  We should have more info on those other mods soon as well!

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