Rany Battikh

HAS JAMMA extension harness

Mike aka RGB, developer of the high-end Home Arcade System (HAS) supergun, is now accepting orders for the much anticipated and requested JAMMA extension harness. Similar to Benime’s extension cables that I acquired and briefly reviewed last year, RGB‘s dual-PCB harness will significantly alleviate the wear and tear effect on the supergun’s edge connector, that […]


CPS2IOI Pre-Order

Mike, the creator of the HAS has just opened pre-orders on pre-assembled versions of his CPS2IOI board.  This device is meant to be used with Markus’ CPSHDMI project, allowing for a fully-functional CPS2 without a supergun!:  https://homearcadesystem.wordpress.com/cps2ioi/ The pre-order page has options to add a kick harness, controller adapter and more, starting at around $45 USD […]


HAS Official Pre-Order Page Open

Mike, the creator of the HAS has just opened an official pre-order page on his website:  https://homearcadesystem.wordpress.com/pre-order/ Adding your name to the list requires no payment, it just “officially” puts you in line to purchase one.  Once your number is up on the list, you’ll be notified to purchase.  Serious submissions only though please, as many people […]


Sentinel Supergun Serial #001 Revealed

Frank has completed the first finished production model Sentinel Supergun, serial #001. Superguns are devices which allow you play arcade game PCBs on TVs, essentially “consolizing” the boards into stand-alone systems. The Sentinel is one of only three (along with HAS & Parsec) that are safe for modern equipment, with an RGB video encoder, proper […]


Sentinel Supergun Prices Announced

Prices have been announced for the Sentinel Supergun. Originally envisioned as a cheap device, the Sentinel’s features and quality steadily rose until it is basically as much as, or more expensive than the HAS. Sentinel Features 4 layer PCB with gold immersion finish. RGBS buffered by THS7374 with switch to toggle the LPF. Dipswitch to […]