Streets of Rage 4: Tech Review & Series Retrospective

John Linneman recently uploaded a series of videos dedicated to the newly released Streets Of Rage 4.  The first (above) starts out as a series retrospective and goes over all the things that made the first three the classics they’ve become.  For anyone unfamiliar with the series, or someone that wants a “refresher course”, this first part of the video will cover everything you need to know.

Then, later in the video, John moved onto the new game, discussing both development and performance of the PC and PS4 versions.  A lot of time is spent analyzing the visuals (I think they’re awesome), but the gameplay itself is also put under the microscope and it seems like it’s a winner overall.

The second video (below) is a follow-up that covers the Switch and Xbox One versions.  While I recommend watching the video for details, it seems all versions of the game play extremely well, but the Xbox One version is missing some graphics options available on the others.  Switch users will be happy to hear that the performance seems on-par with the rest, including frame rate performance and visual details.

Overall, fans of the series should definitely give at least the retrospective video a watch, but if you’re a PS4 user there’s not much more that’s added for you in the second video.  Unless you’re just curious of course!

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