Rany Battikh

ElCheapoSD Lynx romcart by BennVenn

Handhled modder and innovator Benn Venn just opened pre-orders for his newly designed romcart, the ElCheapoSD Lynx.

This Atari Lynx micro-SD based cart, follows Benn’s ElCheapoSD line of products‘ norm with its simplistic yet decently-featured nature and, as the name implies, its affordability.  The ElCheapoSD Lynx will easily fit into both revisions of Atari’s cult classic system, and covers its entire original game library, as well as most of its aftermarket homebrew catalogue. Very few homebrew titles can actually benefit from ElCheapoSD Lynx‘s on-board EEPROM for saving purposes.  Roms will load almost instantaneously as the biggest game, measured at 4 Mbit, boots in 1.5 seconds.

Here are some the cart’s features:

  • Supports up to 512kbyte ROM size
  • Cycle through games on boot
  • Supports EEPROM saving to SD
  • Almost instant load times
  • Firmware upgradable via the SD card
  • Open source Lynx-side code for custom skins and menu loaders

Expected to ship around June, with an included plastic enclosure (unlike the prototype shown above) the ElCheapoSD Lynx is conveniently priced at 45$. A few details are yet to be revealed about its overall functionality but this seems to be a competent solution for the Atari Lynx that can stand side-by-side with robust products like RetroHQ’s Lynx GameDrive and the AgaCart.

Pre-order the ElCheapoSD Lynx here: https://bit.ly/3f5mfjX

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