Space Ava 201 – Full Playthrough Featuring Creator

Here’s a full playthrough of the game Space Ava 201, featuring it’s creator Nicole Branagan aka Nicole Express.  As previously reported, Space Ava is a single-player puzzle-adventure game for the TurboGrafx / PCE CD, that can also utilize the Arcade Card to speed up loading, as well as a SuperGrafx for adding visual enhancements to the game.

I ended up playing through the entire game, with Nicole explaining the backstory of the game, as well as discussing her game creation history…and of course, helping me out when I got stuck in certain puzzles!  It’s best to think of this as a “pre-recorded, livestream playthrough” and not so much an “official interview” or anything like that, as this was very laid back and we both often get sucked into the game!

Download (or purchase!) the game:

Just a friendly warning: I didn’t balance our audio properly while recording and tried to fix it all in post.  Hopefully I did a good enough job so it doesn’t take away from the experience!

Also, here’s links to the MiSTer setup and clear controller case I used:

MiSTer Info:
Clear PCE controller case:

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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