EverDrive GBA Firmware Update v1.15

Krikzz has posted a (few) firmware updates for the Game Boy Advance Everdrive.  They add support for the same savegame upgrade the other Everdrives have been receiving, which copies the savegame file back to the MicroSD card each time the menu is loaded:

Another interesting feature added to this firmware is developer-focused;  Now dev’s have the option to program their games to use a specific ROM ID to select save types.  According to Krikzz:

If ROM isn’t exists in bram-db then first char of ROM ID can be used as save memory selector:
2 – SRAM
3 – FLASH-64
4 – FLASH-128
Number should be stored as char, eg 1 equal to 0x31 in hex format

There were actually two small fixes issues after the initial v1.13 firmware, both fixing small bugs introduced by the firmware.  Simply get the latest file from the link above for the most up-to-date version.  The full list of changes are below:

  • Fixed quick boot mode
  • Fixed Flash saves bug.
  • Saves management changes
  • File sort option
  • Fixes for file system core
  • File delete function
  • Minor changes in menu interface
  • Save-memory type database now located in external file “GBASYS/sys/bram-db.dat”
  • SRAM+RTC settings now set by default for all ROMs which isn’t exists in bram-db
  • Developers can use specific ROM ID for selecting save type.**
  • Changed emulators setup. Read GBASYS/emu/readme.txt for details

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