Rany Battikh

RetroTINK 2x Pro & SCART Firmware Update v1.4

Mike Chi recently released a firmware update that applies to both of his current scalers/line doublers: the RetroTINK 2x Pro and 2x Scart.  Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:  https://www.retrorgb.com/retrotink.html

This latest firmware introduces quite a few features and improvements:

  • Full EDID readout to detect DVI devices every time the video output port is cycled.
  • Added “Low Res YPbPr” plus scanline filter mode.
  • By popular request, added “sleep/off” mode. Press and hold the “Filter” button for 3 seconds to turn the device off. Short tap on the “Filter” button to turn the device back on.
  • Auto shut off of video output if no input is detected for 30 seconds. Red LED flashes 3 times to indicate video output power-down. Output is automatically resumed when a valid input is detected again.
  • Yet more tweaks to audio output in a futile attempt to maximize compatibility.

With firmware version 1.4, RetroTINK 2X Pro (and 2X Scart) users can finally power-cycle or set their device(s) to sleep mode through a simple button hold/press, without the need to unplug then plug back in the USB cable; a step that will significantly reduce the wear-and-tear on the on-board micro-USB port. Note that each of the subject devices uses its own unique .hex file, so be careful not to mix and match files while updating.

Check out Mike’s release notes here and check out the video below for firmware update instructions: http://bit.ly/39zoAk2


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