Lag Testing Retro Scalers

After realizing there’s surprisingly still a lot of confusion over which scalers in the retro gaming scene have the most lag, I wanted to make a video that demonstrates each of the most popular scalers, using the most precise tools available!  This video will also teach you how to run the exact same tests yourself!  

Time Sleuth Lag Testing Device:
RAD2x Cables:
RetroTINK 2x SCART:  Amazon / CastleMania
OSSC /  Framemeister Info:
RetroTINK 2x Pro:  Amazon / CastleMania
RetroTINK RGB2Comp:  Amazon / CastleMania
RetroTINK Comp2RGB:  Amazon / CastleMania
More info on Pound/LevelHike cables:
GBS Control:
ESP8266 WiFi Module for GBS Control:
GBS8200 (Cheaper on eBay, but most have long shipping times and this is Prime):

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