PS1 HDMI Captures Shown

Dan and Christof are still hard at work on the upcoming PS1HDMI kit and they’ve just shown off some direct video captures to demonstrate how it’s looking!

Christof is currently working on implementing more advanced de-interlacing methods, such as motion adaptive; Weave interlaced modes are shown in the video.  On top of that, they’re looking to implement smoothing filters such as HQ2x and possible even HQ4x.  In my opinion, these filters are often a great improvement with 240p and 480i 3D games and really help improve the blockyness of the graphics.  It’s funny, as the opposite is usually true of 2D games:  People prefer the original graphics and don’t want them “smoothed” at all.

We’ll keep everyone posted of their progress and of course feel free to follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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