Open-Source 25-Port HDMI Switch Project

Ryan Black, the developer behind the Origin 17 port HDMI switch kit we talked about in 2018, has recently re-launched the project as an open source (MIT license), scalable 5-25 port kit.  This project essentially takes multiple 5-port HDMI switches daisy-chained together and controls them via IR, or an Arduino microcontroller and a touchscreen display.  This is all housed in a 3D printed enclosure, designed for 3.2″ or 7″ screens.  All files, software and parts lists are available right on Github:

GitHub repository:
Compatible Switches:  /

This is an interesting project and something that (in my opinion) is the perfect fit for an open source, DIY solution.  I also like that the project is scalable:  Users can build the case and start with two switches, then add more as necessary.  Also, as it’s open-source, people are free to modify it for their use and hopefully support more HDMI switches in the future.

As a note, these will not be available for sale from the main creator, which makes sense:  A full 25-port kit would cost about $500 in parts and not everyone who uses this will need all 25 inputs.  Also, anyone who’s used HDMI switches with retro stuff knows about the potential for compatibility headaches:  You can buy a switch today that works perfectly with the OSSC and all the odd stuff us retro nerds throw at it…and then six months later buy the same switch from the same link and the OSSC won’t work.

Either way, this is a really cool option that’s at least worth checking out.  Watch the videos above and below for more info!

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