Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing: RetroTINK 4K, 5x, Morph

Ryan of Archades Games recently posted a “Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing Shootout” between the RetroTINK 4K, RetroTINK 5x and PixelFX Morph.  It’s a great look into where each scaler is with 480i support at the moment and should give customers a fair idea of what to expect if they purchase any of the three.  That said, both Mike and PixelFX are planning some firmware updates with improved deinterlacing support, so while this video is 100% fair today, I imagine a follow-up will be needed within just a few months.  I still think it’s a great watch if you’re currently looking for a scaler with good 480i support.

I hope Ryan will follow-up with a video comparing 480p scaling as well.  I have a feeling the Morph might be a great choice for people who’s 4K displays do a terrible job scaling non-native resolutions;  Some are good, others not so much…especially PC monitors.  We just need more people to review and post their results!

I plan on doing a deep-dive review of all three of these scalers once the Morph is out of public beta.  I’ll also test the GBS-Control, as I’m really curious how it’s Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing compares.  And heck, I’ll throw in the RT2x Pro and both OSSC’s as well, just to review all the scalers currently on the market, available to purchase new.  That probably won’t happen until the end of the year, but once again, if you’d like an idea of how they perform now, please check out Ryan’s video above.

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