MiSTer FPGA News – OutRun Core Out, FM TOWNS, CPS3 and more

Core’s with ADC and RTC Support

If you’re interested in using the ADC/Tape input and RTC features of MiSTer, user pgimeno on the MiSTerFPGA forums has a thread keeping track of what cores support them.

-The ADC port allows you to connect a tape drive and read games and software stored in cassette tapes.
-The RTC board keeps track of the current time and date, if you’re not connected to the internet.



A core for the FM Towns Japanese computer is in development. This computer hosted excellent ports of many arcade games.

An alpha download is also available if you want to try out the core, but only floppy disks work and graphics aren’t fully implemented.


Express Raider

Core developer pierco has shown off some progress for the Express Raider arcade core. He first showed off the Video RAM being written to in simulation and then showed actual graphics being displayed in the simulation. There’s still a lot of work to do before a core will be available.



If you have an arcade cabinet and want a dedicated menu for only arcade games then check out RetroRGB’s video regarding that. You are shown how to setup a standard landscape screen setup and also a setup for only vertical arcade games.


Alpha Denshi Core

atrac17 and Darren__O are getting things ready to release a beta for the Alpha Denshi core. It is first going to target the game Gang Wars and then other games will follow.


Playstation Core Updates

Here are some updates that will be coming in the future for the PSX core:

-Timings for the selectable gamepads in the core’s OSD is now about the same as the original pads.
-There was an MDEC fix that gives you glitch-free FMV’s in Star Wars.


CPS-3 Board Donated

Jotego is being donated a non-working CPS3 board for chip analysis thanks to the twitter account @TexasShotTakers. It was important to get a non-working board becuase the analysis can destroy it. However, this analysis will help with preservation and core development.


Geocities in the AO486 core

Shane McRetro was able to use a MiSTer FPGA to browse an archive of GeoCities he created. The GeoCities archive is hosted on a Raspberry Pi and the MiSTer dials into the Pi using a real 14.4k modem.

The entire process is documented in a forum post, but there is also a YouTube video demonstrating the setup.


Clean Sweep & BBC Bridge Companion

JimmyStones was able to get in contact with the original creator of the Clean Sweep arcade game. He confirmed certain things that were wrong with the core and is still getting more questions answered.

JimmyStones also started comparing is in development Bridge Companion core to the real device to see if timings match


Out Run Beta Available

A beta for OutRun is now available for Jotego’s Patreon subscribers. The complexity of the hardware was the reason for the multiple delays. It’s still not perfect yet, but is in a state that is playable with some non game breaking graphical glitches.


DE10-Nano Price Increase Coming

UltimateMiSTer, who sells MiSter products, has posted that Terasic has informed them that a price increase to the DE10-Nano is coming in January. This will affect the price of MiSTer setups, so purchasing one before January can save you some money.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other core’s getting miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Inferno (Arcade)