Interview With Shank Mods

I recently did an interview with Shank:  A console-to-handheld modder, YouTuber and member of the new company 4 Layer Tech; The team who created the ForeverPak 64.  It was impressive to hear the lengths Shank and his friends had gone through to reverse engineer the Wii and to make brand new products for it!  I really think anyone who loves tech would enjoy this interview and hearing the behind the scenes perspective!  This is available is a video (above), as well as audio-only on iTunesGoogleStitcherSpotify and many others, as well as direct-download below the links:

Shank’s YouTube Channel:
New Wii Portable-Focused Products:

On a personal note, during the interview, I realized the only video of Shank’s I hadn’t seen was an unintentional masterpiece.  It’s only seven seconds long, so definitely check it out.

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