BKM-10iRduino Remote for Sony BVM Monitors

All Sony BVM monitors require some kind of control unit to allow for operation;  While some will power on in the last mode used, a wired control unit is required for even the most basic operations like changing inputs, or switching between RGB and YPbPr.  As these control modules get less common, prices are rising – and lucky for us, Aaron Bonham has just released an Arduino based, open-source homebrew solution to replace the Sony BKM-10R control unit that’s used with the BVM-D20F1a/e/u (and possibly others).  While the BKM-10iRduino isn’t available to purchase as a kit yet, you can build you own if you follow the github instructions:

Github Link:
Purchase an original BKM-10r on *eBay:

In its current form, the BKM-10iRduino provides the basic control buttons which should be all you need:  Power, Menu, Enter and up & down.  It’s powered right from the control port, so all you’ll need is a cable wired to the board.  Basically, this project is a BVM DIY’ers dream!

…for the non DIY’er, I really hope someone steps up to the plate and helps Aaron turn this into a sellable product.  Maybe put the entire design on a surface-mount PCB, include a serial port so no custom cable is needed and have it all contained in a 3D printed shell?  There’s more than enough talent in the retro gaming world to pull this off, so hopefully we’ll see a version of this available to purchase at some time in the future.


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