Installing New Components In Classic PC’s

Shank recently posted an awesome video about how he took two old, Mattel-themed PC’s and modded them to install new components.  While the video put a smile on my face multiple times and is one I’d highly recommend, that’s not my reason for sharing (as usual) is nerd-based.  Some thoughts and an interview I did with Shank after the links…

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First of all, changing the internals or form-factor of a device usually requires a ton of modding, but can result in some awesome creations – Just check out Shank’s other videos for some amazing examples.  When it comes to PC’s though, it’s easy to think it’ll be mostly a plug and play experience.  I mean, the MicroATX standard has been around since 1997, so it should just be as easy as unbolting the old components and bolting in new ones, right?  If you were planning on installing the most basic components, yeah, probably…but that’s not what Shank’s videos are about.

While this video and the projects in it went way over the top, it’s an excellent example of what to expect when trying to merge old technologies with new:  There’s space constraints, custom wiring required and an overall willingness to create your own solution when no other exists.  If you’re looking to mod a retro-looking old PC you found with new components – Something I probably should have done just out of principal with my new rig – this video should be your first step in the process.  Then check out the other communities and resources Shank looked to for help and go from there.

…and if you want to hear more from Shank, check out the interview below, or listen on all audio podcast services, just by searching “retrorgb shank”.

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