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PS2 Recommended RetroTink-5x Pro Settings

Wobbling Pixels has shared recommended RetroTINK-5X Pro settings for use with the PlayStation 2. This video demonstrates both NTSC and PAL signals across a variety of game output options and RetroTINK enhancements, including widescreen, scanlines, CRT simulation, pre-deinterlacing, and smoothing filters. Watch the video above to see what settings make PlayStation 2 classics like Gran Turismo 4 and Final Fantasy X look their best on the RetroTINK 5X Pro.

(Each video signal and settings combination tested can be found below this post’s links.)

Wobbling Pixels’ settings video also makes use of the RetroTINK-5X Pro’s most recent experimental firmware that added a beta 2560×1440 output mode. Learn more about the features available through the experimental RetroTINK-5X Pro’s firmware by visiting the links below.

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Wobbling Pixel’s video covers Playstation 2 and RetroTINK recommended settings for…

  • Cables
  • PAL & NTSC Pre-Settings
  • NTSC 480i: Output Mode
  • NTSC 480i: Widescreen
  • NTSC 480i: HiRes 858 & HiRes 512
  • NTSC 480i: CRT Masks & Scanlines
  • NTSC 480i: CRT Simulate
  • NTSC 480i: Pre-Deint.
  • PAL 576i: Output Mode
  • PAL 576i: Widescreen
  • PAL 576i HiRes 858 & HiRes 512
  • PAL 576i: CRT Masks & Scanlines
  • PAL 576i: CRT Simulate
  • PAL 576i: Pre-Deint.
  • PAL & NTSC 480p: Output Mode & DTV 858
  • PAL & NTSC 480p: Widescreen
  • PAL & NTSC 480p: Smoothing Filter

RetoTINK 5x Pro with Bob-Offset and GSM

For PlayStation 2 users with a Free McBoot memory card looking to tinker even further, Wobbling Pixels recently published a separate video that tests the GSM homebrew in combination with the RetoTINK bob-offset feature. GSM, or Graphics Synthesizer Mode Selector, is a free homebrew software that forces a 480p or 960i (in a 1080i frame) upscale of PlayStation 2. However, some games are only compatible with GSM using the 960i upscale. For these games, the bob-offset shifts interlaced fields and results in a progressive-looking signal without interlaced flickering. Check out the video above for comparison shots from some great games in the PlayStation 2 library.

Learn more about the GSM homebrew on the PS2-Home forum here: