IDE / PATA Emulator Interest Check

Fixel, creator of the 3DO ODE and 3DO/Neo Geo HDMI kits, has just opened an interest check on their next exciting project:  A universal IDE/PATA device emulator.  This device could potentially work with any console or computer that uses an IDE or PATA drive, including hard drives, Zip Drives…anything!  The possibilities for this are endless, so please take the time to fill out the interest check page and we’ll follow up soon with more information!

Enter you email here to express interest (no payment required, just your name!):

While there’s a few IDE hard drive emulators out there, I believe this might be the first “universal” device to hit the market.  And the excitement this should be generating goes way beyond what I can express in this post, so let me just ask you all this:  Imagine any device you own that you’d like to use, but the drive is dead?  No imagine a way to load that media, the same way you would with modern ODE solutions.
Pretty crazy, right?  Here’s a list of features that should be available at launch:
  • high speed FPGA, allowing glitchless emulation at high speeds
  • UDMA6 speeds (133 MB/s transfer)
  • CD/DVD emulation (with recording)
  • DVDRam emulation
  • ZIP disk emulation
  • tape drive emulation
  • high speed microSD interface
  • optional LCD

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