$30 Oscilloscope For Retro and Arcade Gamers

I recently found a cheap oscilloscope that’s perfect for retro gamers looking to verify that their arcade boards (via superguns) and RGB SCART cables are safe to use! This scope won’t replace something like a Rigol for development use, but it’s small, battery-powered and works well for testing!

Cheap Scope*:
*Links to alternatives that should be the same are below. If possible, use the exact link above though!
Console5 SCART:
Resistor Kit:
Rigol DS1054:
5BNC Breakout Cable:

More info on using Oscilloscope with retro gaming equipment can be found on the following page:

*Alternatives that SHOULD be re-brands of the one I showed in this video – Only purchase if the above link is out of stock:

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