GCLoader Plug & Play Version Announced

Dan aka citrus3000psi has just tweeted a teaser of the next revision GCLoader:  One that requires no soldering at all!

As shown in the picture above, Dan was able to source a connector that allowed you to simply remove the DVD drive and plug the GCloader in it’s place.  I honestly didn’t think the original installation was too bad, as Dan included a really nice ribbon cable that allowed you to just solder a few large pins…but no soldering at all is always better!  While there’s a ton of screws in the GameCube, none are challenging to remove, so this really is an easy solution that anyone with just a small amount of patience can handle.

The new version performs exactly the same as the original and is still compatible with the really cool SD mount from LaserBear:

No pre-orders are open yet, but they’ll go on sale as soon as they’re in!:

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