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Brook Bluetooth Converters for Sega Genesis & TurboGrafx 16 up for Pre-order

Hot on the heels of 8bitdo and Retro-bit, Brook has announced that they are releasing their own Sega Genesis/Mega Drive bluetooth controller adapter.  The difference (besides the size) compared to the competition is that the Brook adapter will also include Turbografx 16/PC Engine support as a stock feature. Price is expected to be set at $59.95 but if you pre-order, the price is $49.95 with an ETA set for May 2019.

Brook’s press release states the following:

The long wait is over.  The Super Converter for the Sega Genesis (aka Megadrive in Japan) is almost here, allowing you to use hundreds of quality PS3 and PS4 control pads or arcade sticks to relive the retro classic gaming.

Play thousands of games from the huge library this system has to offer, from the Streets of Rage series, Gunstar Heroes, Contra Hard Corps, Golden Axe and much more.

Additionally, for the first time, Brook added another system, NEC’s Turbo Grafx 16 (aka PC Engine in Japan), which has it’s share of memorable retro games, Bonk’s Revenge, R-Type, Splatterhouse and many others.

The announced features are as follows:

  • Arcadeshock Worldwide Exclusive (outside of Japan)
  • PS3/4 to Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
  • PS3/4 to NEC Turbografx 16 / PC Engine
  • X-Input Compatible
  • Preset Button Configurations
  • Button Mapping

The PS3/PS4 have a large variety of controllers and arcade sticks that would be a boon for both classic consoles.  As always, keep your expectations in check, and let’s hope that lag is kept to a minimum while compatibility continues to expand.

More info: Link