Zook: Hero Z – Mega Man Bootlegs

St1ka recently posted a video on an interesting series of games I never knew existed:  The “Zook” series of Mega Man games.  These games were originally created in China, as “bootlegs” of the Mega Man series and look really impressive.  St1ka covered all three in this video:

Zook Hero Z (GBC):
Zook Hero 2 (GBC):
Rockman & Crystal (GBA):

While all seemed like really interesting pieces of video game history (and it’s definitely worth watching the whole video), the one I’m most interested to play is Zook Hero Z;  It seems the most true to the Mega Man series and even the music seems great!

Overall, I’m always fascinated by games from other regions.  Whether it’s localizations, bootlegs or ports, being able to experience a familiar game in a completely “new” way is always worth the time.  St1ka’s video does an excellent job of covering everything you’d need to know about the Zook series and some creative googling should get you the roms as well.

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