WS Flash Masta v5.1 Now Available is now selling the latest version of their ROM cart for the Bandai WonderSwan, the WS Flash Masta version 5.1.  The product is $95 +shipping and available directly from their website (set the dust cover option, or it will say out of stock):

Very small production runs of the cart had been previously sold in limited quantities to beta testers, but sold out before we could even get a post up here on RetroRGB!

They seem to be back in stock now.  Also, while there’s no playability differences, here’s the changes from the previous version:

  • Cartridge Shell – The cartridge circuitry now fits inside of a modified WS cartridge shell.
  • No Battery – The cartridge no longer relies on a battery to store savegame data, so you won’t ever need to replace a dying/leaking battery.
  • Easier To Manufacture – The previous versions of the cartridge were troublesome to source parts for and difficult to assemble. This v5.1 version should be much easier to keep in stock, so we don’t have to trickle out tiny batches of carts sporadically and annoy people that miss the opportunity to buy.
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