Warrior 64 Reviewed; Suspicions Confirmed

Metal Jesus just posted a review of the Warrior 64 kickstarter and unfortunately, all of our concerns have been verified:  Even after IntecGaming claimed “UltraHDMI-like quality”, it appears to be just a LevelHike cable soldered directly to the RGB output 🙁

I guess the good news is the case seemed like it was decent quality, so if you were just hoping for a new case this might still be good enough for you.  Also, the controller seemed on-par with most other cheap 3rd party controllers and I think everyone expected that would be the case.

The most disturbing thing from the video was IntecGaming’s statement that they’ll be offering a better solution “sometime after this kickstarter”.  Uh…what?  So what’s going to happen when people who backed the campaign for a fully assembled unit receive theirs and the video quality is nothing like IntecGaming described?  And what about all the people who bought kits thinking it was “plug & play” like the title says, not realizing it needs soldering?

Jason offered to send me a Warrior 64 to test myself and I’ll be performing lag tests on it, as well as a technical analysis of exactly how they’re getting HDMI.  If you don’t care about the nerdy details though, the review posted here is all you’ll need to know.

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