Warrior 64 Production Unit Teardown

Now that people have been receiving their Warrior 64 complete units, we’re starting to see pictures posted of both the boards and the methods they’re using to install.  So far, it seems Intec Gaming is shipping consoles with original-style N64 motherboards and using the same “advanced” board I showed in my video for installation (confirming the one I showed wasn’t a prototype).  This is good for two reasons:

  • As long as these boards are used, there shouldn’t be a safety issue for using composite and S-Video output.
  • These style N64 motherboards can be easily modded for RGB, allowing you to decide if you’d like to just use it with analog outputs, or wire it to keep the (poor quality) HDMI output, as shown at 26:38 in the review/repair video.

Please note that all the points I made in my video are still 100% valid:  The HDMI output is laggy and the 240p video signals are processed wrong.  Also, there’s no RGB output even though the units are RGB modded for the HDMI to work.

And of course, you should still check your installation to make sure the other boards that effect S-Video aren’t used.  A visual verification is fine and using the brightness / video drop out trick is also a good way to check.

Please see the video below for more info and if you’d like more pictures of the production units, check out the imgur link.  Also, I’ll update this post if there’s any alternative versions posted:

Warrior 64 Internals

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