Voultar Releases Updated SNES RGB Mod Board

Voultar has just released a new version of his RGB amp / bypass for the Super Nintendo:

One notable change is the new shape of the board that allows it to fit between the capacitor legs that surround it.  Previously, you’d be required to snip these and while that’s not a big deal, I’m always happy to see creative ways to improve an installation, even just slightly.

A more important change is the ability to use an RGB SCART cable without worrying what components are on the sync line.  The cable’s RGB lines still need to have the proper components, but this board will work much better with older cables that might not have the exact components needed on csync.  I still recommend making sure the cables you use are of the highest quality, as the overall experience will be better:

Also, Voultar has finally opened sales of the IFU-RGB for PC Engine Interface Units:


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